G’day … I’m Pete, Exhilarator Skipper

love for the Ocean and Exhilarator Skipper

I was born WA in the coastal town of Bunbury in 1972 but moved to Tasmania shortly after starting school in 1979 which was where I developed a passion for fishing. We spent all our holidays catching all sorts of fish in the many places we holidayed around the island.

I returned to WA with my family in 1987 when I left school and pursued a job in the commercial fishing industry in WA soon after, such was my love of fishing I thought it was the job for me. My background in the WA commercial fishing industry has been predominately in the rock lobster industry but also included many other fishing jobs on the WA coast and has now spanned over 20 years taking me up and down the WA west coast.

Becoming an Exhilarator Skipper

Recently I decided, with my wife’s blessing, to have a custom designed jet boat built by Kwikkraft boats in NZ, designed for use in the waters off Cape Naturaliste and Geographe Bay to run a range of tours.

With my knowledge and passion for the ocean it gives me great pleasure to take tourists out for one of our 4 fantastic eco tours where I can pass on some of my stories and experiences I’ve had over my journey, or use my talents to skipper the Exhilarator for our thrilling high speed jet boat ride.