Our Jet Boat

The Exhilarator was custom designed and built in 2015 by expert jet craft designers and builders … The former world jet boat sprint champion!

The Exhilarator was built to be suitable for Australian open waters.

How a Jet Boat Works?

A Jet boat is a boat propelled by a jet of water ejected from the back of the craft. Unlike a powerboat or motorboat that uses a propeller in the water below or behind the boat.

A Jet boat draws the water from under the boat into a pump inside the boat, then expels it through a nozzle at the stern.

The vessels are highly manoeuvrable, and many can, from full speed, be reversed and brought to a stop within little more than their own length, in a manoeuvre known as a “crash stop”.

The well known ”Hamilton turn” or “jet spin” is a high-speed manoeuvre where the boat’s engine throttle is cut, the steering is turned sharply and the throttle opened again, causing the boat to spin quickly around with a large spray of water.

Our vessel is safe and fun providing thrill rides, Whale watchingCape Naturaliste Wilderness Cruise, Canal Rocks Indian Ocean Safari, a tour to suit everyone!

Jet Boat specifications

– Lenght 8.2m
– Displacement 3.5t
– 630hp, twin turbo-charged Yanmar engines
– 213 Hamilton Jet units
– Top speed 45 knots (approx 90km/hr)
– Draft 0.5m