Unusual Whale Behaviour

October 2018.

On one of our recent tours we noticed a juvenile humpback whale which displayed some very unusual behaviour.  This whale appeared to be  gulping in large amounts of water repeatedly; and then from time to time it flicked it’s tail.  We watched, fascinated, for several minutes as this young whale continued the pattern.  Pete, our Skipper, had never before witnessed this particular type of behaviour and promptly set about asking local experts if they knew of any other whales behaving in the same way.

To date, no-one has been able to explain why this was happening.  We hope our fellow whale researchers in the feeding grounds of the northern hemisphere might help us find out what this juvenile humpback was up to. Perhaps it was feeding or perhaps something caught in its throat.  We very much hope the latter was not the case for this magnificent creature.

We are very grateful to our amazing passenger Korin George for her great footage and we are thrilled that it has been shared by The West Australian. Thanks Korin!