Jet Adventures jet boat Thrill Ride Dunsborough

My Thrilling Experience Down South

As I stroll along the beautiful Dunsborough foreshore with family in tow, there is a sense of nervous excitement amongst us as the departure time draws close. We’ve all been on plenty of boats and jet skis before but never before on a boat like this.

We’d been watching the jet boat from different vantage points along the beach for days, in awe as the red boat would disappear from view under a mass of whitewater when it spins at high speed. This was certainly an awesome machine to watch, it must be an incredible experience to be on board, the screams of delight we could hear from the beach every time it performed a radical move were too much! The time had came for me to muster up the courage to surprise the kids and book us all on for the “Thrill Ride”.

Departure location at Dunsborough boat ramp
Getting aboard the Exhilarator is quick and easy from the Dunsborough boat ramp.

My husband loved going fast and doing things a little bit scary so it’s right up his alley, he planned to book with or without me so he was stoked I’d decided to join him. We told our three kids the news as we were leaving our resort and as you can imagine they were bouncing with excitement and chatter on the way to the jetty.

We rounded the last curve in the foreshore and there was the bright red boat coming in to the jetty from the previous trip. I carefully studied the beaming smiles on the passengers faces to see if any looked a bit rattled but the laughter and smiles from a full boat indicated to me they all had a great time! Now was our turn to experience the Exhilarator and even the kids became a little quiet as I noticed they too were a little nervous as our tour was only moments away.

Pete, our Skipper, greeted us on the jetty as did another two couples who were also booked on our trip. We easily boarded the Exhilarator from the jetty, and with nine of us (plus Pete) on board, he eased the boat away from the jetty and talked us through the safety demo and fit us all with life jackets. We all clip on our lap belts and are ready to go! Pete puts on some high tempo AC/DC as we steam out to deeper water into the unlimited speed zone. The intensity builds by the second as we pass the 8 knot zone … and then the beast is unleashed!

Jet boat at full speed, Jet Adventures Dunsborough
It’s not long before the jet boat picks up speed and we are “flying” across the calm ocean.

The Exhilarator picks up speed very quickly and almost in an instant we are sliding sideways at incredible speed. The excited screams from a few of the other passengers make me a bit more at ease, as does the pumping music blasting from the speakers. I’m enjoying the ride much more than expected and the big power slides feel like we’re skating on ice as the boat is so smooth through the water.

 … my oldest one tells me this is the best thing he’s ever done!

Suddenly the boat pulls up from incredible speed as we come out of a slide, to an almost instant stop, as the nose of the boat points towards the shallow ocean floor and it looks like we’re going underwater, Pete’s beaming smile assures me that everything’s good as he accelerates again! He did warn us this boat has brakes! I’m just getting my breath back as Pete signals to prepare for a spin. I quickly check with one hand the lap belt is still firm and then brace myself as I push on the bar in front to hold myself firmly back in my seat. We must have been travelling at least 80km/hr when Pete pulls hard on the wheel and one of the levers, the boat flings around so quick everything becomes a blur and I’m just concentrating on hanging on!

Jet boat tail spin on Jet Adventures Thrill Ride
You NEED to experience a full speed tail spin in a jet boat!

There’s some much louder more serious screams now as water’s flying everywhere, this is a serious thrill! I’m sure there are some others on here who freaked out a bit too when the boat spun, but as the boat finally comes to rest and we all realise we are still upright and everyone’s ok, laughter and smiles burst from all on board including Skipper Pete who seems to enjoy it as much as anyone.

WOW what a ride!

We continue on for another ten minutes or so at this breathtaking speed, doing several more spins and power brake stops – jargon for “stopping really really quickly” – along the way before Pete pulls up after a spin and points out an amazing rock formation called Castle Rock and the beautiful bay to the side. Pete idles the boat in nice and close to shore and drops the anchor and shuts the engines down.

Once he puts the ladder down and gives the ok, my husband and kids jump straight into the pristine waters of this magnificent bay but I just want to take in the stunning scenery for a few moments. The water is such an amazing colour down here and the contrasting orange colours of Castle Rock make this place look like it should be on the front cover of the worlds leading travel magazines.

I ease my way into the refreshing ocean as I join my family for a quick swim. The kids keep going back to the boat to do bombies from the storage boxes at the back of the boat as my oldest one tells me this is the best thing he’s ever done!

Jumping of the Jet Adventures jet boat
Cooling off in crystal clear waters off Dunsborough.

After about fifteen minutes Pete politely asks us if we can hop back on board shortly, he’s been very generous with his time as this was only advertised as a thirty minute thrill ride and I’m sure once we get back to the jetty it will be closer to an hour. He pulls anchor as we all ease back into our life jackets and clip our seat belts back up. As the boat slowly pulls away from the shore I ponder how much the name Exhilarator suits this amazing boat as I ready myself for some more adrenalin pumping action.

We head west in the Meelup Beach direction and I take in the amazing views of the coastline as we fly past it. We do tricks and spins for another ten minutes or so before Pete signals one final spin to finish the ride. I’m secretly hoping for a big spin as I’m enjoying it so much and this one proves to be the best yet. In unison we all give Pete a round of applause for giving us such an amazing ride. He’s got a great job putting smiles on so many faces as I think back to the tour before us smiling and laughing just as we are now.

We get a few last photo’s and thank Pete again for such a great experience. Even before we’ve left the jetty the kids are already asking to go again next year as we get down this way every year for our summer holidays. I could certainly do that again, it’s probably the best value for money entertainment I’ve done and my whole family agrees that this is a must do activity when you’re in the Margaret River region.

Parked up for a swim after Jet Adventures Thrill Ride
The Jet Adventures jet boat Thrill Ride is ‘must do’ when in the South West!

Written By Amanda Jet Adventures Customer